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Camera Caper Photography Challenge Mobile App

26 June 2016 / By Dan M Lee
Photo Challenge Mobile App

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Camera Caper Photography Challenge Mobile App

You read that right ! We also have a patent pending mobile phone app in development which will be released sometime December 2020 / January 2021 on both Android and iOS

With some all new game modes and a few surprises are in store, let’s take a sneaky peak at which features will be released later this year.

Game Mode 1 - Classic Caper

This game is based on the same Classic Caper you would play with the cards, except you can automate a few processes and receive “Wild Card Challenges” which will increase the score count of any challenge received.

First you select the start and destination point, the packs you want to include, that could be your ePacks and Box Cards, how many miles pass before you get a challenge and how many challenges you get. You can also play in casual mode which we will discuss later. 

What makes this game unique is that you can use both your physical cards AND your ePacks. Look out for FREE ePacks and Premium ePacks in the app store.


This photography challenge caper is all about time,  well lack of it really. You will need to finish your photography challenges before the timer runs out. 

Again you can play in “Casual Mode” however that’s in really in the spirit of the game. You can choose how many cards you get after the amount of time has passed. 

This game type is great for playing in a city or small area or even if you are on a road trip with a set destination. 

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Casual Toggle Mode Modifier

No matter which game type you choose you can also play the game(s) in “Casual Mode”. Casual Mode takes away all the rules, meaning a more relaxed Caper.

You can press the “Draw Card” button during any photography challenge camera caper, and the challenge will be drawn one card at a time. Remember points still apply. But you’re in control of when you get the challenges. 

Cards can be drawn from both the Box Cards or the ePacks.

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