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Where To Find The Best Burgers For Food Photography

13 January 2021 / By Dan M Lee

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Where To Find The Best Burgers For Food Photography

Do you love eating burgers? You’re right, who doesn’t!

Drenched in truffle mayonnaise and port onion marmalade, stuffed with roasted tomato confit and foie gras or pepper jack cheese, onion jam and smoked bacon, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, a carefully crafted burger with fresh and flavorsome ingredients can make driving for miles well worth it!

However, as for any food, not all burgers and not all burger places are created equal.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best places to indulge in delicious and decadent burgers across the country. You can trust us as we’ve been burger place-hopping for years to come up with this list and all for the sake of this post of course, plus this also means a chance to practice food photography.

Tommy’s in Los Angeles

If you google the best burger places in L.A, you’ll find Tommy’s on every single list, and for good reason! Indeed, Tommy’s has been around for decades driving the burger culture in Los Angeles and has quickly become an institution on the food scene.

One of the big secrets of Tommy’s success is the amazing signature chili sauce that comes with all the burgers and was invented in the ’40s. The chili sauce is made with a secret blend of spices and is purposely thickened, sitting perfectly on the burger and giving it a perfect consistency.

This means no mess when eating your burger and more food to enjoy as everything goes into your mouth! A perfectly cooked piece of meat, a melted slice of American cheese, an incredible chili sauce, and some brioche-like burger buns are all Tommy’s need to turn a simple burger into a masterpiece that will keep you coming back for more.

Where To Find The Best Burgers For Food Photography

J.G Melon in New York City

J.G Melon is one of the landmarks of NYC, and as someone that lives in the city, I’m always here (must to the opposite advice of my fitness coach). That’s how good their burgers are!

Located in West Village, this old-school burger joint has been making, in unanimity among burger lovers, some of the best burgers for decades.

One of the signature burgers is the incredible bacon cheeseburger which features a double-beef blend, crisp onions, pickles, melted cheese, and crunchy bacon.

It might sound like a simple recipe, but J.G Melon’s chefs master the preparation and cooking to perfection and deliver a masterpiece of a burger every single time.

At Thee Burger Spot in Tampa

If you’re looking for mouth-watering burgers and epic creations, at Thee Burger Spot in Tampa, Florida might be just what you’re looking for!

Their signature burger is the “Glazed One”, and we understand the fuss!

Indeed, this delicious bacon cheeseburger is quite unique. It features decadent Krispy Kreme glazed donuts instead of the traditional burger buns.

Stacked STL in Saint Louis

Last on our top US burgers list is the widely popular Stacked STL in Saint Louis, Missouri. While every single burger on the menu is delightful, if you love goat’s cheese, the Goat Burger is definitely worth driving or flying into town for.

Indeed, it is made with a ground chuck patty, caramelized onion jam, goat’s cheese, fried pickles, and a crispy brioche bun.

Note that the menu brims with creative burgers featuring flavorful ingredients such as beef brisket, guacamole, sauerkraut, roasted apples, or blue cheese crumbles.

How does that sound, as good as it tastes ! 

Food Photography Tips

The best tips I can give beginners is to study how light works and its effect on food, and learn to adjust accordingly. Below are some ideas on how to get started, let’s get to it.

Use natural light, learn not to use artificial light and not pop that flash.

Move around to find the best light source, if you are in a burger joint you can always use the menu to bounce the light back onto food (assuming its a white menu) or use a A4 bit of white paper.

Experiment with taking photos from different angles. Different food types work better with some over head and at the side. For example pizza looks best overhead, or from the side for hamburgers. 

Use knives and forks as props but not so much that it draws away from your subject, the food. 

As for camera kit you will need a lens with a large aperture such as f/1.8 or wider. A macro lens is ideal if you want super detail, but a 35mm, 50mm or even 80mm will do the job nicely.  

One last thing, you can always add action to the image, like a hand reaching for the burger or french fries in the background. 

We hope this post whetted your appetite and you’ll add some of these spots to your bucket list.

Some other incredible burger places worth mentioning include the North Glory Kitchen in North Carolina, Animal in Los Angeles, and Chris Madrids in Texas.

Do you have a favorite burger place? If so, we’d love to read all about it in the comment section below.

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