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Let’s talk ! Work with us as we travel across the world not only creating content but making partnerships with camera or photography related brands, businesses large and small, and companies related to the travel and leisure industry. We love to work with hotels, tour operators, travel advisory boards, tourism boards and publications, independent business owners and state or country tourist offices around the world.

Camera Caper’s professional content creators can help creating winning content as well as getting your brand into the spotlight through our patented crowd marketing platform. 

We have packages for sponsors of all sizes and budgets, why not drop us a line to see how we can work together. If you’re a “social media influencer” and want to work with us, click here.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Camera Caper Production Team

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Full Series Sponsors10 Episodes2020-2021

We have a range of sponsor packages for the entire series of Camera Caper available for the seasons of 2020, 2021. The show will feature your brand for its entire run of 10 episodes. Smaller budget ? Ask about our episode packages. 

Content PackagesWe Come To You2020-2021

During our Camera Capers we may be able to work with your business to provide coverage, content and media highlights for your promotional needs. Speak with us about how we can drive business using our marketing platform.

Suppliers & Product PlacementAll Eyes On You2020-2021

We feature many photography accessories, such as camera, bags, gadgets and much more. Of course we are not all about the photos, we also work with car manufactures, drinks companies, pretty much anything that needs to be seen on camera or via the app.

Social Media Influencer ?

Got A Following In Travel ?

Instagram Travel Influencer Scheme

Think your audience would like to play camera caper ? If you have a travel, travel photography or a photography related Instagram account with over 5,000 followers then we may send you a free pack of cards to play. All we ask is you tag us and share your experiences with your audience.

In return we will retweet, promote your account and feature you playing Camera Caper with our audience across e-mail, promotional materials and mail outs to production companies just like ours. We will even give you back-links to your website and/or brand. 

We have other benefits to offer that we would rather not publish just yet, however get in touch and lets see if we can work together, complete the form below.

Instagram Travel Influencer Scheme for Photography