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Kickstarter and More

22 September 2020 / By Dan M Lee
Whats Next For Camera Caper

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Kickstarter and More

As we start to prepare for the official release of Camera Caper the Card game, I’d like to share with our readers (yes, that is you) time lines and what’s next for the TV show, card game and app.


At the time of going to press our Kickstarter campaign is under review and we hope to get it going in the next few weeks (for the 1st October 2020) which means some super packages will be on offer. So please take some time and consider backing the project, we really believe it’s not only a fun game to play but a perfect companion for “stay-cations”. Especially those road trips. 

There will be opportunities to make you own ePacks, get exclusive signed books from both the TV show and ones I have written. Want a credit as a TV backer ? No problem we can arrange that too.

There will also be freebies for when the app is launched sometime in December 2020 too. I will update links to Kickstarter very soon, until then here is a preview of our COVID restricted  launch video.  

App Development

As I mentioned our new mobile app will be ready sometime at the end of the year, assuming the world is still turning of course. However I expect it will be.

It will be released at the same time on iPhone and Android platforms and included will be a few free ePacks (depending which packages you buy on kickstarter or on our web-store) which are theme or genre specific extras; Plus  you can buy other ePacks for up to $9.99 in-app or on the website.

The app does open up more ways to play which I will share with you more when the time comes but watch this space.  

Kickstarter for Camera Caper

Camera Caper TV Series

Ooooof this Coronavirus has really been a roller-coaster ride already,  we were due to start filming a promo in the next few weeks. Something we wanted to do now and produce for the release of the card game and app.

Sadly that time may have to wait until the spring now. We had a good idea of where we wanted to go and now the poor weather is on its way as well it seems mother nature has other ideas. 

We haven’t given up hope completely as we still might be able to make a short trip sometime in late October (heading south !) at least.

As a result we are pressing ahead with the app and card game development and v2 of the card game will be ready in a few weeks. Watch out for TV updates as they come on more press releases in the coming weeks.    

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