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5 Essential Items For Road Trips

26 December 2019 / By Dan M Lee
Road Trip Essential Guide

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5 Essential Items For Road Trips

Each road trip requires different kit, however there are some items you will definitely need on every Camera Caper to make it a success. 

Read on and find out our top 5 essential items for photography road trips. 

A Proper GPS

Yes, you read that right, a proper old skool GPS, not your iPhone or Android but a proper GPS for cars.

So why use this witch craft from the dark ages to navigate your car ? Actually a few very good reasons. First the battery life is normally excellent if you have to depend on it. 

Second the navigation instructions are a little better when you’re not relying on data or in some cases your phone which might decide to not work as designed at a crucial moment. You may miss a turn or worse still be distracted and crash into the nearest bush. 

items to pack for a road trip

A Backup or Storage Device

On your Camera Caper road trip you will be taking pictures, probably lots of them and your bad habit of leaving your camera to fill up it’s card capacity is going to be a bad idea. 

Try and back up your images to a storage device such as the Gnarbox or better still something like Google Drive etc and get them into the cloud as soon as possible.

Find a good hotel with a decent wifi or take a hotspot with you, don’t forget to share your results right after editing using #caperacaper on social media.

Gnarbox Image Storage

A Small Selection of Lenses

While you will be challenged to photograph many things during your Camera Caper so it’s probably best to be strategic to keep the bag capacity down rather than take a tonne of lenses (unless your shooting Macro 4/3rds then who cares).

There are three lenses I would take – an Ultra Wide Zoom, a 50 mm and a 70-200 mm f/2.8.

Why no 24-70 mm f/2.8 I hear you cry, well basically it’s size and weight are normally big. I could cover most shots by using a 50 mm or even a 35 mm which are both super versatile (and faster glass) as well as lighter. However you can config your backpack to your style and taste. But as the old saying goes, less is more. 

Two Bags

Not the Mother-in Law variety (here 1973 have your joke back) but two bags, one for your short trips out and about where realistically you would not be taking out your long lens.

Your other bag should be something you can take backpacking or a day pack for you to throw lenses and filters in. Oh make sure it’s water proof too. Check out Think Tank Photo for their selection of hard wearing bags for photographers.

Camera Caper Cards

Ok you caught me – never missing a chance to get some marketing in, grab a set of our Camera Caper Cards for your next road trip. Well I suspect that’s what your here anyway !

Your next road trip will be epic, I promise. 

A Sense of Adventure

Yes this is number 6.

Remember you’re going on a road trip, things WILL go wrong, stupid stuff WILL happen and you WILL be in the thick of it. Every trip I have ever taken has left me with a lifetime of “oh shit did we really do that !” memories; which at the time seemed like a big deal. Thinking about them always raises a smile.

So whatever goes wrong on the way, treat it as part of the trip. Especially if you’re going far !

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