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Winter Wonder-Landscapes You Must See

18 January 2021 / By Christelle Delli
Winter Wonder-Landscapes You Have to See

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Winter Wonder-Landscapes You Must See

While winter means shorter, colder, and darker days, it is also a magical season that brings the Christmas spirit, the wonderful smell of cocoa, and gingerbread, the sound of a crackling fire, and the beautiful sight of falling snow, enveloping forests, houses, and mountains in a soft and crisp white blanket.

From rolling crystal hills, frozen rivers glistening in the dim winter light, and trees bowing under the weight of their snow-covered branches to shimmering mountain tops, winter landscapes provide adventurers, travelers, and photographers alike with many opportunities to witness one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles.

If you’re eager to experience this magical show, read on as we’ve listed below some of the most picturesque destinations you absolutely have to see during the winter season.

You might also see the Northern Lights too.

Lapland, Finland

Close your eyes and imagine a magical place where trees are covered in powdered sugar, a white blanket stretches across the land, and people drink blueberry juice by a crackling fire watching the snow fall.

Imagine reindeers emerging from the white forests, sparkling igloos carved in ice on the horizon, and the northern lights dancing in the sky above you as you step into this fantastic wintery world.

While this might sound like a touristy ad, it is a pretty accurate description of what Lapland is like in winter!

Winter Wonder-Landscapes You Have to See

Gokayama, Japan

Have you ever heard of a winter wonderland buried in the heart of the Japanese Alps?

Listed on the UNESCO world heritage list, a trip to the region of Gokayama in winter will transport you to rural Japan, where time seems to have stopped.

Gokayama is characterized by its charming and intimate mountain villages made up of traditional farmhouses. And although these iconic villages look amazing in summer, the snow-covered traditional farmhouses perched in the mountains make for a particularly incredible sight in winter.

Winter Wonder-Landscapes You Have to See

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Tucked away off the northwestern coast of Norway, the Lofoten islands become magical in winter. Indeed, mountains are covered in snow, and so are the roofs of the colorful houses located in the charming fishing villages scattered across the islands’ landscape.

Set on the edge of deep blue waters and framed by craggy mountains and dramatic fjords, the islands are also a great spot to marvel at the aurora borealis on crisp and clear winter nights.

The Lofoten Islands are genuinely a wintery paradise.

Winter Wonder-Landscapes You Have to See

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

Wyoming is a beautiful area to visit all year round but exploring the Grand Teton National Park in winter after the snow has fallen and elks have descended from the mountains is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Indeed, white plains stretch into the horizon where jagged snow-covered mountains proudly stand in the background making for an iconic sight. Besides, pristine alpine lakes and gorgeous forested trails are covered in layers of ice and snow, and a real sense of serenity fills the landscape.

The beauty of the national park in winter is staggering and turns this unique landscape into a photographer and a traveler’s dream come true.

Some of the other winter wonder-landscapes we’d recommend include the tantalizing Jökulsárlón glacial lake in Iceland, the spectacular area surrounding the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and the breathtaking Antarctic peninsula. Take a look at other landscapes around the world in our other blog posts.

Have you visited winter wonder destinations recently? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below!

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